Want "Real World" Training?
Tired of getting subpar instruction from "Stolen Valor" Instructors?, Look no further than Double Tap Weaponry for your comprehensive training in everything from Hand to Hand to Combat Readiness Training for Deployment. 

May 30th, Haywood County Fairgrounds (North Carolina)

Double Tap Weaponry (Training Division of ProTactical Group) specializes in Military and Law Enforcement Training, Implementation and Tactics. Those of you that enroll to take our, "Understanding the capabilities of your weapons" class will be able to leave with a better understanding of what the best uses and tactics of each type of weapon and what the generally best use for them may be. Our Cadre are Federally and State Certified Weapons Instructors of various Combat backgrounds that include Special Forces, EOD, Medical, Law Enforcement and Private Protection. This class will be the first in the area to publicly break down the different types of cover and concealment and show exactly what the different types of weapons and rounds will potentially cause collateral damage and what may not even make it through the walls of most homes and offices.  There will NOT be any Live Fire Exercises in this class. However if your company or group would like to have further training in this or other related tactics, we will be glad to speak with you about the venue and details. Register for this and other classes at: www.carolinareadiness.com


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